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Hi there!! I'm Sandie Marie!

I'm a Colorado-based painter, illustrator, and surface pattern designer known for my bold paintings and designs. My work

is recognized for its vibrant palettes,

fun textures, and geometric patterns.

Wanna work together? Lets get started!

Grab an original!

I love painting. Nothing gives me more of a thrill than seeing my work out in the world! Check out my shop to find the right piece for your space. Grab your 10% off code here!

Painting in living Room - Yellow Haze_edited.jpg

Turn your vision into reality!

Didn’t find what you are looking for? Let’s work together to create the perfect piece for you! Commissions are an exciting and fun way to get an original of your own, specifically painted just for you and your space! Hit me up at and share what your dream is and we will work to make it a reality!

RB_Art_Board_Series_Master_Template copy.jpg

Looking for something else?

Want to indulge in a duvet, grace your water bottle with a sticker or jazz up your mornings with a fancy shmancy coffee cup?! Check out my shops on Redbubble and Society6! They have a crazy variety of products lovingly adorned with my designs!


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